Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love is your currency

"Love is your currency.

It is what you deal in, and how you are compensated.

The love you pour – and hence receive – is the energy that moves mountains, mounts castles, and cares for your every need.

Hasn’t Love always done so?

Hasn’t your understanding of Love evolved to know that, with Love present, you can summon all that you desire?

Love is not only for the giving/offering, but for the USING.

It is what brings into manifestation your greatest imaginings .

So, traffic in Love!

Give it, pour it forth… and know that the Love you receive back is the currency, the magic elixir, and the power you have at your disposal to create worlds."


Monday, February 16, 2015

The Courage to be Authentic

My personal journey has been about having the courage to share my truth, especially as that truth evolves and expands… as it naturally will for anyone who is walking that inner path. Recently, when that courage was a little lacking, I sat in meditation and asked for guidance. I share these words with you in the hopes that they serve you in your spiritual journey, as they serve me in mine.  

Breathe…. For in the breath, and the space that holds each inspiration and expiration, lies dormant the seed of all true wisdom, the wisdom on the heart, that timeless knowing without knowing. Your heart opens to us once again with such love and confidence, and we return that love to you, multiplied, enfolding you in the circle of our eternal love for, and delight in, you.

Expression of your soul remains tantamount. We see this happening easily and fluidly, each moment gaining strength and clarity from the previous moments, all adding up to expression that is in every moment more and more grounded in love, in compassion, in truth, and in wisdom. Eternal wisdom that sees no separation with the other, and that judges not appearances. That allows others the freedom of their journey, sending them along it with great love and reverence for the soul on the journey. This, we see now, is well anchored. And we delight in this.

All occurs in stages, as you well know. And yes, sometimes these stages appear circular or even seemingly going backwards! (if there was such a thing), but truly the evolution and growth that you seek on the spirit level is gaining confidence in this lifetime, the confidence to be grounded in its (and the universal, eternal) truths, and to bring them to the world in loving service, unattached to outcomes, for the sheer pleasure and expression of these truths on a grander scale. You are setting the stage for this expansion of expression, for this energy that you exude to share its authentic self and power with the world at large.

No, it is not arrogance and hubris to assume one’s place in the natural order of things, and to carry out their calling. You merely honour your lives lived, your experiences, when you do so. You have come to this point, we assure you, by your own questing, by your own commitment to be in the Light and to BE this Light. And we have accompanied your every step, keeping our distance, respecting your freedom, awaiting the moment you come into full ownership of the grand Soul that you are, and the grand purpose for which you have come into this lifetime. Do not let the ego and your mind dictate what that means, and do not fear the stage you are about to step onto. It is a part of your natural journey, and we assure you, it is a stage you have walked upon many times.

You have done the work of healing and cleaning. You continue to do so, and we applaud that. The work now, however, is to continue the expansion. To bring this energy to a wider audience. The walk that you did is your calling card; it is what gives you the credibility to speak, but it is not the true purpose for which you are here. It is an important instrument for you to be able to share the truths you have lived, and to bring others to their Mastery. You are part of a great plan that is unfolding, and although your mind wants to scream out that this is hubris and arrogance once again, your soul at its highest level understands this as a simple truth, an outpouring of itself in service to the continual evolution of this planet and all who inhabit it. Many, many more are also involved in this work, many unseen, so many unknown, but every one of them using their unique gifts, their unique presence and energy imprint to shine the Light.

Yours is a name that means “trust”, one who can be trusted, one whose very presence allows inclusion. Your work has thus far been to include and love back into yourself all those parts of you in disparate parts living in fear. You have been working on inclusion, on healing, disparate parts of yourself; by extension, the work is now to bring in on a larger scale disparate parts that have been living in fear, using Love, the grand healer, to bring them back to their natural love- and light-filled place. And in so doing, bring peace, bring harmony, bring unity.

Let us say this again… you have been bringing in parts of yourself for healing and integration. Now it is time to bring the “bigger” parts of yourself (those countries, cultures, groups, ideas) living in fear back to harmony, using the exact same techniques you have been using on yourself.

Its simplicity and elegance of design makes you smile, does it not? Indeed… yes, the inner changes the outer, but until your definition of outer includes the “larger” aspects of you (your community, society, country, etc.) can you begin to appreciate the great role that the peace-makers and great Masters have taken on. The great Master Jesus took on the fear of the world and made it his own, understanding it to be an extension of himself, (him in the grandest definition), and brought forth the Love of the Universe, the greatest Healer, through Him so that he may bring harmony and peace to that grand world that is also Him. He moved creation forward energetically. He supported the work of ever-greater expansion and expression of the Light by allowing it to work through him on a scale never before experienced. His healing ministry was the healing of his life first, and opening himself so completely so that his entire presence was filled with so much Love and Light, that he saw the earth and all its inhabitants as those parts of himself still needing to be integrated and loved back to their natural divine state.

He was the world, and the world was him.

He saw no separation between him and those in his world. They were all him. Individually and collectively. He healed the culture known as the Jews, even though they are not aware of it. He brought Light into the society in which he chose to live, recognizing it as simply a larger aspect of himself. And he was so grounded in Love that he could pour that forth in every situation.

Rest now with this knowledge we have offered you. Allow it to settle and impregnate the cellular body and the finer energetic bodies. Come to us again, dear one. Ask us your questions, dispel your doubts. With your heart open, the concepts are easier to transmit. Thank you for suspending judgment, and keeping the mind still while thoughts preciously unrevealed now reveal themselves.

Sit, and be still.


Your brothers and sisters of the Light

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I AM connected...

An affirmation to center the day:
"I am connected to my highest purpose: <state your purpose here>.
The Universe, God Love, supports me in this purpose.
I handle the tasks set before me with grace, purpose and love.

The Universe, God Love, supports me in every thought, every word, every deed.
I KNOW this to be true.
I now allow this KNOWING to fill me, to pour through me like a golden elixir, filling every space and part of my being: my physical, my emotional, my mental, my holy.
I walk in confidence of this purpose.
I walk in grace."

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Now...

Is it possible to keep the gaze inner-looking, even while the outer eyes receive the outer impressions?

Bless the sacred of every moment.
Breathe its Essence.
Look beyond your senses.
Feel the untouched, the unformed.
It awaits your reach, your caress.
It longs for your gaze, a one-and-only gaze.

Beautiful. Beautified. Beatified.

Held high in the Now.
Suspended in eternity.
Take my hand.
Cross the threshold with me,
Knowing we shall never leave
This moment, this place.
Suspended ever-more in the

Image: www.charmedyoga.com

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Camino message to pilgrims

"Step lightly and with reverence, for you walk on paths forged by sacrifice, devotion and love. You are not merely stepping onto sacred ground, but into what is sacred within you. Treat both delicately.

Taste of my abundance. Dwell in my magic places. Drink of my beauty. They are all freely shared, and reside within you too.

Leave your sorrows and travails with me, so that the flames of my sword may unleash their hidden light. But don’t forget to also leave me your joys and triumphs, for they are my nourishment too.

The sacred in you resides in me also. That is because we are created by the same hand. No separation exists between us. My imprint on your heart is as binding as your imprint on mine.

I speak more to your heart and soul, and less to your mind. I am the worker of miracles. I lead you to the most unexpected places, places that feel both familiar and unrecognizable. I lead you to the greatest treasure, the one that you were carrying with you all along."

Buen camino!

Friday, September 19, 2014

To all those who serve...

A friend of mine who works as hospitalero (someone who serves pilgrims on their journey along the Spanish Camino de Santiago) recently shared with me his frustration with some pilgrims who either come as tourists, or who show little respect for the effort and heart that is poured into all pilgrim offerings.

After reflecting for a while, I shared with him these thoughts, in English and Spanish.

"You honor the Path with the love and wisdom that you pour into it. Your energy feeds the living energy of this marvelous pathway walked since time immemorial by all those who seek a higher connection, a deeper meaning, to their existence. You, and many more like you, balance the flow of energies that have always been at play on this Path.

You are not alone in your purpose. You do not work alone. Invisible guides work with you, bringing you the people and situations that you need to help you fulfill your highest purpose. And those people and situations are not always pleasant. But we assure you they come from Love, for Love, to help you choose Love in every moment. They come to you to heal you. To serve your soul’s journey, not your physical circumstances.

Attune yourself to the energy of the Way, the energy that brought you to Her (the Way) in the first place. You came to serve Her, and as a consequence, began to serve pilgrims. But your highest calling is to honor the Path. Connect to Her now, and in every moment. Allow Her to be your guide. Her energy is strong and loving. She sees your desire to serve. She knows your heart. They all do. The Way will never fail you, and is much stronger and wiser than the changes you see occurring.

Trust in the wisdom of the Way. Trust in the power of the Way. Trust in the Love of the Way.

Connect to Her always.

Lift your vision, and allow your heart to open once more to the mystery and beauty that so enchanted you in the first place.

There is no obligation in Love. Love, the Way, holds you in complete freedom. That is Her greatest gift to you, and always will be.

Blessed be your path, brother of the Way.


Honras el Camino con el amor y la sabiduría que viertes en él. Tu energía alimenta la energía viva de esta maravillosa ruta recorrida desde tiempos inmemoriales por todos aquellos que buscan una conexión más alta, un significado más profundo a su existencia. Tú, y muchos como tú, equilibran el flujo de energías que siempre han estado en juego en este Camino.

No estás solo en tu propósito. Tú no trabajas solo. Guías invisibles trabajan contigo, trayéndote las personas y situaciones que necesitas para ayudarte a cumplir tu propósito más alto. Y esas personas y situaciones no siempre son agradables. Pero te aseguramos que provienen del Amor, por Amor, para ayudarte a elegir el Amor en cada momento. Vienen para sanarte. Para servir el camino de tu alma, no tus circunstancias físicas.
Sintonízate con la Energía del Camino, con la Energía que te trajo al Camino en primer lugar. Viniste para servirla, y como consecuencia, empezaste a servir a los peregrinos. Pero tu llamada más alta es la de honrarla a Ella, ese es tu camino. Conecta con Ella ahora, y en cada momento. Permite que Ella sea tu guía. Es una energía fuerte y amorosa. Ella ve tu deseo de servir. Ella conoce tu corazón. Todo lo sabe. El Camino nunca te fallará, y es mucho más fuerte y más sabio que los cambios de los que estás siendo testigo. Confía en la sabiduría del Camino. Confía en el poder del Camino. Confía en el amor del Camino.

Conecta con su energía siempre.

Levanta tu mirada, y deja que tu corazón se abra una vez más al misterio y la belleza que te maravilló la primera vez.
No hay obligación en el Amor. El Amor, el Camino, te da libertad total. Ese es Su mayor regalo para ti, y siempre lo será.

Bendito sea tu camino, hermano del Camino.

Source: http://risinguptheladderoflove.com/tag/twin-flame-love/

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Work of the Angels

The work of the angels and Masters is to bring you closer to your mastery, to have you express the Highest Truth in you, and not merely channel their truth or wisdom.

In the early stages of initiation, having their presence near and receiving their messages of love and support is comforting. But just as a loving parent wishes for their child to stand on their own two feet and forge their unique path in the world, so too do the Heavenly Messengers and Hosts desire the same for you.

They support you as you bring YOUR highest self, YOUR wisdom, YOUR unique light and energy imprint into the world.

For that is what is meant by expanding or growing the Universe: reaching for ideas and energies that have never been realized before.

That messengers and channelers are able to bring through the wisdom of Ascended Masters and other Entities is a tremendous gift and offering, let us not minimize or trivialize this work.

The natural progression, however, is to now channel YOUR unique wisdom, brought about by the millennia of experiences and lives that you as a soul have lived. That wisdom too is stored and is of value to humanity; of value to you.

For as each individual fully unfolds and brings into existence their unique wisdoms, perspectives and gifts, so then are they adding to this ever-expansive Universe.

The work in peeling away the layers of fear that have clothed the pure heart is so that this unique heart/light/soul/child of the Eternal, can finally manifest ITS glory; and in so doing, manifests the glory and grandeur of its Creator.

Unfold yourself. Unfurl your wings and take flight. The anchor is the heart and, with that, you soar to unimagined heights.